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gill lice

Gill lice attach to a fish’s gills, which can traumatize gills and inhibit the fish’s ability to breathe. Photo by Amanda Bushon.

Ryan-Heise Robust redhorse-NCWRC

Ryan Heise (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) releases an 18.6 lb. robust redhorse collected on the Pee Dee River downstream of Blewett Falls Dam. Photo Credit


A stocked juvenile robust redhorse collected from the Wateree River, South Carolina.

Bigeye Jumprock

Bigeye Jumprock, Scartomyzon (Moxostoma) ariommum, State Threatened

Photograph by Noel Burkhead and Robert Jenkins, courtesy of the Virginia Division of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Southeastern Fishes Council (

Map for hydrilla write-up

Location where hydrilla was observed on the Cape Fear River, September 2014