Media Category: 2019

Melvin T. Huish

Dr. Melvin T. Huish. Photo origin unknown.

Little Colorado River

Figure 2. Little Colorado River, “Blue Water”, within the Coyote Camp Reach, Coconino County, AZ, September 24, 2019.

Gila cypha

Figure 3. Gila cypha, Humpback Chub, Little Colorado River, Coyote Camp Reach, Coconino County, AZ, September 18, 2019.

Dr. Huish with students

Dr. Huish with students (Bill Tarplee, right) surveying an eastern NC swamp. Photo origin unknown.

Dr Huish and Dr. Kerby

1986 photo of Dr. Huish (right) with Dr. Howard Kerby (NC Unit Assistant Leader 1975-1988). Photo by Dr. Rich Noble.

2019 NCAFS Student Travel Winners

The 2019 N.C. AFS Student Travel Award recipients pictured at the AFS Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada. From left to right are: Bonnie Myers, Brendan Runde, Riley Gallagher, and Spencer Gardner. Photo by Dr. Tom Kwak

SFS at Family Fishing Fiesta

Left: Jennifer Archambault, April Lamb, Mike Walter, Austin Mueller, and Matt Florez volunteer at the Family Fishing Fiesta. Right: Mike Walter shows an aspiring young angler how to tie the all-important clinch knot!