Mentoring Committee

We invite students and young professionals to visit with our committee members to share concerns or consider perspectives in the conservation career. Please reach out to the Mentoring Committee, contact the Committee Chair.

Please be sure to check out our resources for fisheries students.

Meetings And Agendas

February 15, 2021 – Student-Mentor Workshop – Recording

View the December 2020 meeting agenda.

Watch the December 7, 2020 meeting

Mentoring Resources

NPR article: How to Find a Mentor and Make It Work

There is also a podcast from this article.

Exploring Ecological Careers (26 open access articles) from Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (Ecological Society of America)
Each article focused on a different non-academic career either a specific type of employer (non‐governmental organizations, museums, field stations, federal government, state governments, corporations) or a job classification that might be found at one of multiple types of organizations (science writer, policy advisor).

View the Occupational Outlook Handbook – Life, Physical and Social Science Occupations