Election Candidates 2020

NCAFS 2020 Officer Candidates

Vote at bottom of page after reviewing candidate statements.  You MUST (a) be an NCAFS member in good standing and (b) include your name for membership verification, in order for your vote to count.  Poll closed February 1st, 2020.
Results will be announced at the 2020 NCAFS Business Meeting in New Bern, NC on February 6th.
Don’t miss the prize: voters will be entered in a drawing for a 2020 AFS Parent Society membership ($95 value).


President-Elect President-Elect
Anne Burroughs
Senior Environmental Scientist
Dewberry Engineers Inc., NC

Anne Burroughs is a senior environmental scientist at Dewberry Engineers Inc. since 2014. She grew up hiking ravines and paddling creeks in western New York State. She obtained a Bachelors of Biological Sciences from NC State and fell in love with this great state. A member of the Leopold Wildlife club, she loved the wood duck box checks and weekly retreats to the pond. Later she helped form the Student Environmental Action Coalition to celebrate Earth Day 1990. She worked for the Biological Control Laboratory for the NC Department of Agriculture before joining NC Department of Transportation’s Biological Survey Group. There she began to learn the importance of our imperiled freshwater mussels and our beautiful freshwater fish. She became concerned with vanishing habitat connectivity and its implications. After her third son’s birth she joined a private engineering firm. Now she is embedded back with the Biological Survey Group and helps NCDOT manage and track all freshwater aquatic surveys. Anne is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and enjoys horseback riding for fun.

Ryan Heise
Senior Environmental Scientist
Duke Energy, NC

Ryan Heise is a Senior Environmental Scientist with Duke Energy in Huntersville, NC where he has worked since August 2016. Previously, he worked for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission for 13 years as a Research Coordinator in the Aquatic Wildlife Diversity Program. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at North Carolina State University in the Department of Applied Ecology and serves on student committees. Ryan received his B.S. in marine biology from Texas A & M University, M.S. in biology from the University of West Florida, and at Ph.D. in biology from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has focused much of his work in North Carolina on the inventory, life history, and population status of freshwater mussels and nongame fish, especially rare and endangered, so that informed management actions can be made.
Ryan has been a member of the American Fisheries Society since 1999, has participated in several Southern Division committees, and has served as a presentation judge and moderator at multiple chapter meetings. He spends his free time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, and working on home improvement projects.