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NCAFS 2022 Officer Candidates

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President-Elect President-Elect
Luke Etchison
Aquatic Wildlife Diversity Research Coordinator
NC Wildlife Resources Commission, NC

Luke Etchison is the Western Region Aquatic Wildlife Diversity Coordinator for the Wildlife Resources Commission. Luke is responsible for conservation and monitoring of imperiled mussels, crayfishes, native fishes, and aquatic snails in six river basins in western NC.

Luke received a B.S. in Aquatic and Fisheries Biology (2010), M.S. in Aquatic Biology (2012), and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science (2018) with a focus on fish ecology and habitat from Ball State University. Before starting with NCWRC in 2016, Luke was a GIS Biologist for FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission where he was part of the Habitat Assessment and Restoration (HARP) Program that focused on management of habitats on Wildlife Management Areas across Florida.

Luke has regularly participated in national and local chapter meetings since 2009 and joined NCAFS in 2015. Luke hopes his passion for all aquatic critters can help end the dichotomy between game and non-game species values. Luke spends his free time hiking, river snorkeling, dinking in pickleball, and mushroom hunting.

Kelsey Roberts
District Fisheries Biologist
NC Wildlife Resources Commission, NC

Kelsey Roberts began working for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission in 2014 and currently works as a sportfish biologist in the Piedmont region (District 5). Her love for all things fish began during childhood and grew into an obsession as she spent her summers and weekends exploring and swimming in the beautiful lakes of Michigan.

Kelsey received a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University in 2010. After graduating, she solidified her desire to move south by working for the US Geological Survey conducting spawning surveys in the Detroit River during the winter months. She found her home in North Carolina shortly after and received a M.S. in Conservation Biology from North Carolina State University in 2014. She is passionate about reservoir sportfish dynamics and has a special place in her heart for studying all things White Bass.
She has been an active member of NCAFS since 2011, served as the Secretary Treasurer for four years, and is currently active in the Mentor Ad Hoc Committee.

Lastly, she values communication, inclusion, and supporting friends and colleagues in any way she can and strives to incorporate these values into her work and home life. Most of her spare time now is spent renovating her 1940 home in Durham with her husband, hanging out with friends, watching scary movies, and chasing after her toddler son.

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