Winter 2021 Newsletter

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  1. Roberta Dupuis-Devlin says:

    Thank you all so much for sharing. I think Tom’s family will find comfort in all of these kind and thoughtful tributes. Tom and I were friends from high school at Bishop McNamara Catholic School in Kankakee, Il. He truly lived the values instilled in us there throughout his too brief life. As my husband and I were driving home from Tom’s wake, we pondered how many PhDs Tom had launched into this world. Reading through these testaments shows his impact was ever wider than we thought. To paraphrase Warren Zevon, I think we’ll all ‘keep Tom in our hearts for a while’. It’s comforting to know that his impact on people was greater than imagined, and that so many people will continue his research and embody his example in mentorship and kind consideration of others. If we all just try to be a little more like Tom, this world will be a better place.

  2. Roger A. Rulifson says:

    When Tom first came to NC State, I didn’t know him or know of him. It was Wilson Laney who introduced us, and immediately I liked the guy. At meetings it seemed like he always had a cadre of students following him around! I could tell he was a real sparkplug for the NCSU Student Fisheries Society. I would talk about him in my fisheries classes, and at professional meetings introduce our students to him and his students. Our last interaction revolved around COVID. I had wanted a fishy-type person for our Biology Thursday seminars, and so the in the fall of 2019 we agreed on a mid-March date. It was just after the Southern Division meeting, and people were starting to hear about this new disease and how it was starting to spread in the US. At that time, we didn’t even think that future face-to-face seminars would be cancelled. The ECU Biology Department got all the colored flyers up, and Thursday after Tom showed up, but he pulled me aside and whispered, “This will be the last live seminar this semester”, and he was right! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his talk about Puerto Rico and a small and beautiful fish species. Great photos in his talk, and so easy to listen to. Such a great and gentle leader of adults and kids. We will miss him.

  3. Patrick Martinez says:

    Tommy is the best of us. i love you

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