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Christian 2014 AFS

Christian Waters at the Grand Social by the St. Lawrence River

2014 Neil Fishing

Neil Medlin supports our Chapter and Student Subunit with donated fishing trips — and also wears them on his back!

Sucker Lips

Robust Redhorse, White Sucker, and Shorthead Redhorse
Photographs by Gabriela M. Hogue

Sturgeon Map

Distribution of Atlantic Sturgeon in North Carolina. Map is based upon material vouchered and databased at the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences; the database was queried March 07, 2014 and is based upon a sample size of 81 records.

Spotfin Chub 2

Fish photographs courtesy of Noel Burkhead and Robert Jenkins, courtesy Virginia Division of Game and Inland Fisheries (

Smith Sturgeon

Illustration from Smith (1907)