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Thinlip Chub

Photograph by Fred (Fritz) C. Rohde

Broadtail Madtom Map

Distribution of the “Broadtail” Madtom in North Carolina. Maps are based upon data at the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences, queried May 30, 2012 (based upon a sample size of 19 records) and from the Tree of Life Web project.

Broadtail Madtom

“Broadtail” Madtom from the South River. Photograph by Fred (Fritz) C. Rohde.

Roanoke Logperch Range

Distribution of the Roanoke Logperch in North Carolina. Map is based upon material vouchered and databased at the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences; the database was queried May 19, 2014 and is based upon a sample size of 10 records.

Roanoke Logperch

Photograph by Noel Burkhead and Robert Jenkins, courtesy of the Virginia Division of Game & Inland Fisheries and Southeastern Fishes Council

Fred Harris

Fred A. Harris

Tomas I. & Paul R. AFS 2014

2014 Student Travel Grant Winners The 2014 NCAFS Student Travel Award winners, (L-R) Tomas Ivasauskas & Paul Rudershausen at the AFS annual meeting in Quebec.

Ben Ricks