Continuing Education Courses

Past Continuing Education Courses Offered

Year Course Instructor
2023 Media Relations and Content Creation Madeline David
2022 Using Social Science in Fisheries Management & Aquatic Conservation Carrie Ruhlman; Kathryn Jewell; Cristina Watkins
2020 Intro to R for Fisheries Professionals Dr. Jason Doll; Powell Wheeler; Seth Mycko; Kyle Rachels
2019 Aquatic Nuisance Species in NC Chris Goudreau; Bryn Tracy; TR Russ; Luke Etchison; Dylan Owensby; Erika Haug; Jessica Baumann
2018 Climate Change Models & Use Ryan Boyles
2017 Freshwater Mussel ID & Biology Tim Savidge; Tyler Black; Rachael Hoch
2016 Conservation Genetics Eric Hallerman & Nate Wilke
2015 Crayfish ID Tyler Black & TR Russ
2014 Side-Scan Sonar Mapping Joe Hightower
2013 Conservation Genetics Tim King
2012 GIS & Web Services Kim Sparks
2011 MaxEnt GIS Modeling Tom Martin
2010 SAS; Genetics
2009 Climate Change & Aquatics
2008 Fish Consumption Advisories
2007 None
2006 Conflict Resolution Training
2005 Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Doug Dixon
2004 Fisheries Technology
2003 Largemouth Bass Viruses; Tagging Models For Populations; Conflict Resolution; Media Relations
2002 GIS in Fisheries; Statistical Power Analyses Kim Sparks; Dr. Don Holbert
2001 Non-Parametric Stats; Reservoir Limnology Dr. Jackie Dietz; Dr. Jon Knight
2000 Electrofishing Principles/Safety; Taxonomy of Minnows/Darters/Suckers Jeff Johnson; Dr. Wayne Starnes
1999 Basic Statistical Methods Dr. John Rawlings
1998 Fish Diseases Dr. Ed Noga
1997 GIS in Fisheries Tim Leonard